Creative Navy is a design agency for digital products

We focus on delivering high quality user experience design

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Our journey started a decade ago. We’ve dreamed and worked side by side with people who are driven by excellence.

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Area of Focus

As pragmatists we’re agile in discovering opportunities to improve people’s experiences. It is as much about the little details in a design system, as it is about contributing to the evolution of the field of design.

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No achievement is permanent – everything is merely an iteration. By being mindful at every step, we climb the slope of progress.

The pursuit of constant improvement becomes reality through a rich toolkit of design techniques that we have used for mobile apps, web platforms and embedded systems.


  • Product Strategy

  • User Research

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

  • Prototyping and User Testing

  • Usability Audit

  • Web Development





Large or small, public or private, our clients span the globe. We enjoy venturing to new locations to help bring a new perspective over users, behaviours and opportunities.

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Our daily exercise in digital mindfulness

At the heights of technological enthusiasm we are given the opportunity to ignore the irrelevant. We value usefulness, aesthetics and imagination. Our attention is concentrated on how technology can make the human experience more meaningful.

We practice this continuous meditation as part of a wider community of thinkers and doers, who embrace setting higher goals and who are thrilled by the vast potential offered by innovation.

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Creative Navy is a top UX/UI Design Agency in London. We design mobile experiences, web interfaces and GUI for embedded devices.

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